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Trapped – Review


Title: Trapped

Author: Michael Northrop

The snow starts falling, and school closes early. Seven random kids stayed late, and now they’re waiting for their families to pick them up…and waiting…and waiting…and waiting. Eventually they realize no one is coming to help them.

The snow keeps falling, and two girls and five boys are trapped in their high school for days with no phones, no power, no heat, and no hope of rescue. Not all of them are going to survive. This was a real page-turner! For grades 7 and up.

–Lisa, Teen Librarian

Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Not Reading – Review


Title: Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Not Reading

Author: Tommy Greenwald

Charlie Joe Jackson is determined to get through middle school without ever finishing a book. To meet this ambitious goal, he comes up with increasingly crazy schemes to help him succeed, and the amount of time and effort he puts into not reading is truly impressive.

This is a fun, quick book to read, and it includes 25 of Charlie Joe’s helpful tips on how to Not-Read a book.

–Lisa, Teen Librarian

P.S. Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Extra Credit comes out this August.

My Very UnFairy Tale Life – Review


Title: My Very UnFairy Tale Life

Author: Anna Staniszewski

Jenny has no time for friends or family anymore, never mind homework or even school some days. Why? Well, she’s an Adventurer, traveling from one magical kingdom to the next and helping various fantasy creatures solve their problems big and small. Jenny really wants to quit, but the world of fairy tales has something much different in mind for her.

This is lightweight fun for younger readers.

–Lisa, Teen Librarian

Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick – Review


Title: Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick

Author: Joe Schreiber

How bummed would you be if your mom made you take your family’s dumpy, frumpy Lithuanian exchange student to the prom – especially if your band has a gig the same night? And how freaked out would you be if she turned out to be a super-hot assassin on a mission to kill?

Perry Stormaire’s prom night turns into a nonstop ride through New York City with car chases, angry hitmen, explosions, and even a bear fight. There’s lots of humor, and some serious moments, too. This book is the definition of action-packed! The ending hints at a sequel, and I hope we get one sooner than later.

eta: As it happens, Perry’s Killer Playlist comes out November, 2012.

–Lisa, Teen Librarian